Lisa Withers, presenter/performer for Peas & Carrots Music, lives by the mantra "If you've got the stage, I've got the song". Originally from Nutley, New Jersey, she was born with two gifts: music & the ability to work well with children; she always finds a way to incorporate these gifts into everything she does.

Lisa was a member of her school choirs from the age of 7 until she was 18, then went to work at a sleep-away camp as a teenager where she taught a music class, much to the delight of the girls who were fortunate enough to attend. In 1995 she was a proud member of the North Jersey Regional Choir,  then spent five years as the inspirational music leader of her church. One of her most treasured experiences is when she got the opportunity to perform at Disneyworld with her choir in front of thousands of delighted children. Rumor has it that this is when Disney became "The Magic Kingdom" (as opposed to simply "The Kingdom").

Lisa's rare talent of completely enthralling children with her music while educating them is an asset to Peas & Carrots Music. Her natural ability to relate to children and adults alike is what makes her performances engaging for all ages from start to finish.

Want proof? Check out some of her performances on our VIDEOS page.

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