Peas & Carrots Music, now a division of Juniors' Venture, Inc., is a New Jersey based musical entertainment act that provides live music presentations using both educational and traditional songs. In a typical 30-minute program, the audience is introduced to rhythm & melody by one of our performers singing and playing a guitar and/or various instruments. Peas & Carrots Music uses music as that perfect medium to teach basic fundamentals of everyday life such as the days of the week, the diversity of animals & nature or just simple counting. Some good 'ole standards, such as "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes", are not left out to maintain an element of familiarity to keep the audience/participators singin', swingin' and smilin'. Various musical and percussive instruments are made accessible for the children to make each presentation an "in-the-mix" experience for them by encouraging each child to sing, play & dance along. Being much more than just "Circle Time", each class isn't just singing songs, but an expression of each child through the art of music.


Strum & click
  the strings

  •For 1 ˝- and 2-year-olds, their participation in a simple clap along/stomp along program is encouraged, making them feel like part of the music-making team. Both visual & audio stimulation is used to help them develop social skills by being part of a group. Music is a language in which everyone excels, regardless of age or ability.

  •For 3-year-olds, we will give them an introduction to the most common aspect of modern music, melody. The premise of their program is basic sing-along/move-along to popular traditional songs with simple words and melodies. We have found that for this age group, lyrics are like calories, the fewer, the better.

  •For 4-year-olds, Peas & Carrots Music uses the art of rhythm to accompany the sing-along skill that most children this age have mastered by bringing different percussive instruments such as maracas for your children to use. Also, various props will be at the children's disposal to "play-out" certain songs, such as using Autumn-colored scarves as falling leaves.

  •For 5-year-olds and over, they will gain simple coordination like shaking a tambourine or playing a cowbell in time to music. Peas & Carrots Music will expose your children to some not-so-common songs & styles they may have never heard before. For this group, there will be assorted percussive & musical instruments made available to spark their minds in the creative process of making music.

Because Peas & Carrots Music has found that a scripted show has no benefit to either the performer or audience, each show is different to accommodate the size of the group, the age level and the individual personalities which make up the audience (how many more BOOORRING guided tours can we sit through?!). The energy of improvisation is second-to-none when it comes to music & entertainment!

Don't forget about our big brother!

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The Lizard Guys

The Lizard Guys
provides education presentations with live animals for schools, daycares, parties & special events.
Like Peas & Carrots Music, The Lizard Guys shows are fun, interactive and energetic! Whether your group consists of children or adults, The Lizard Guys have performed over 10,000 presentations & have the skillz to getz the job done!

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Acoustic Guitar/Vocal Duo

"Silly" Billy of The Lizard Guys &
Lisa of "Peas & Carrots Music"
have joined forces to form the
"Peas & Carrots Band".

The Peas & Carrots Band is an acoustic guitar/vocal duo that
specializes in playing hit songs from the 1950's through the
present. Hire them for your next party, BBQ, block party or
special event for a singin', dancin', rockin' good time!

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